Organic Floral Waters



Experience the beauty of our Organic Floral Waters – delicately distilled, these waters, infused with the essence of blooming flowers, offer a refreshing touch for your face and hair. Elevate your self-care with the organic goodness of our floral waters, a botanical treat for a radiant you.



Organic Floral waters are amazing in that the contain the amazing properties passed down from the essential oil of the same name. Therefore being able to boast of being so refreshing, incredibly cool & toning. In addition to that, they are great for tightening pores and promoting good skin health and healing. They work great as a make up remover and as a primer for moisturising. Bandalé Floral Waters are a by-product as a direct result of the production of the same name essential oil through steam distillation.”

What can I use my Floral Waters for?
  • Use me as a facial toner
  • I am great as a daily facial cleanser
  • I can be used as a gentle make up remover
  • Spray me into your hair to hydrate
  • spritz me to refresh your skin on a hot day
What size can I buy my Organic Floral Waters in?

You can buy me here online in 100ml spray top glass bottles.


Rose                      (Rosa Damascena)

Lavender              (Lavendula Angustifolia)

Witch Hazel         (Hamamelis Virginiana)

Aloe Vera             (Aloe Barbadensis)

Geranium             (Pelargonium Graveolens)


Each come in 100ml in size

100% Vegan friendly


Why not team up our floral waters with a Pure Oil of your choice to lock in that moisture.

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Witch hazel 50ml, Witch hazel 100ml, Lavender 50ml, Lavender 100ml, Rose 50ml, Rose 100ml, Aloe vera 50ml, Aloe vera 100ml, Geranium 50ml, Geranium 100ml, Neroli 50ml, Neroli 100ml


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