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Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse Food Grade)


“Food Grade Himalayan salt sourced and processed naturally. This awesome Salt can be used lightly on food for great flavor, it really does pack a strong taste so a little goes far.

Pink Himalayan Salt is also a great addition to your general well-being routine. It helps relax tired, stiff and aching muscles when used in a bath, soothes the nervous system and detoxifies the body.”

Where is my Pink Himalayan Salt from?

Bandale Pink Himalayan Salt is a product of Pakistan (one of the neighboring countries to the Himalayas), Packaged in the UK.

What can I use my Pink Himalayan Salts for?

Pour a metric cup of me into your bath to…

  • help soothe aching and tired Muscles
  • Soothe your nervous system
  • Aid you in your detoxification process

On your food….

  • Sprinkle a little of me in your favorite dishes to add flavor

What size can I buy my Pink Himalayan Salts in?

You can buy me here online in ..

Coarse Salts 1kg or Fine Salts 500g




Food grade Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse)

Comes in a plastic re-sealable bag

Product of Pakistan (one of the neighboring countries to the Himalayas).

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Fine, coarse

1 review for Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse Food Grade)

  1. Chen (verified owner)

    Two to three handfuls of the coarse salt in a hot bath is excellent for the muscles and relaxation. I prefer this to some of the store bought versions that have more additives and are not as coarse. Dissolves perfectly in hot water.

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