About bandalÉ

Bandalé means ‘Bring me home’.

We are Bandalé


Bandalé skinhealth & wellbeing is a business that promotes the use of natural skin, food and wellbeing products.  Our purpose is to bring about awareness and provide clean, natural and effective alternatives in all round skin care and wellbeing.  What does this mean? Natural, Food for your skin, Non toxic, Ethical, quality unrefined ingredients are accurate words that can describe the products and practices of Bandalé.

For many years, skincare and food products have become often complicated and confusing as to its benefit and safe use.  We do not demonise products that utelise modern ingredients as we believe everything has its place but as for us, we only provide natural

Our model is based on Simple, practical, time tested and effective.

Our Story

Our inspiration came when our son developed Eczema at around 6-7 months old (shortly after immunisation) leading us down a road of late nights and our child constantly scratching at dry areas of his skin causing discomfort.  Even with the steroid creams recommended by our GP and other skin care bodies, there was temporary relief, but side effects started to manifest (skin redness, unusual spotting, skin discolouration and more).  After searching for a moisturiser which contained no chemicals and not having much luck, my wife and I decided to research natural remedies for skin problems in the form of oils and natural ingredients.  It was through this, we were able to help control his eczema to a point of no visible trace.  Armed with this experience, we have produced a range of which we present to you as  By Bandale, to give moisture and ease the irritation that comes with having some dry skin conditions.  It has been well received in homes throughout the UK with positive feedback and returned custom due to its qualities.
Diet and stress play the most important role when dealing with all round well being or even skin troubles.  As a result of experience, we now know that living a dairy and gluten free lifestyle for eczema/ psoriasis sufferers of any age dramatically reduces the appearance of issues if not eliminating its appearance completely.  Some types of skin conditions do not just disappear, it must be ‘managed’, It is not an easy road to travel but the eventual results are more than worth it.