“Organic Virgin Avocado Oil is jam packed with vitamin E and other essential fatty acids making it undoubtedly, a much needed versatile oil for dealing with dry scalp/skin conditions and much more.”

Where is my Avocado Oil from?

Bandalé Virgin Avocado Oil is a product of Mexico, packaged in the UK

How can I use my Avocado Oil?
  • Use me after bath/shower all over skin as a deep moisturising oil
  • Rub me into the scalp to moisturise and stimulate the follicles
  • rub me into your hair at night and with a silky cloth for a deep condition
  • I am great for your nail care routine
  • I am a dream to use on mature skin
  • You can use me as part of your facial care routine (suitable for all skin types)
  • For Curly hair, massage in and comb through.
  • For Straight Hair, use like a conditioner (apply and comb through, leave on for minimum 30 min before washing hair).
  • Also can be used as an overnight conditioner.
What sizes can I buy Avocado Oil in?

You can buy me here online in 100ml glass jars


*Virgin Avocado oil (Persea Gratissima)

(*Organic ingredient)

100% vegan friendly


Why not team up this great oil with one of our amazing Luxury Soaps for bath or shower.

Additional information

Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 12 cm

2 reviews for Virgin Avocado Oil (Organic)

  1. M Hughes

    I have been using Bandale products for over a year now and I am totally happy with what I have purchased. Have also recommended the products to friends and family and everyone is happy with what they have bought.

  2. R Stevens

    ‘I suffer from rosacea and have very combination
    skin on my face, so I’m always on the look out for
    products that might help.

    I kept passing the Bandale store on Walthamstow
    Market – I was really interested in the products,
    but as someone who has spent hundreds on beauty
    products that promise to help my skin, and end up
    making it worse, I was unsure about trying
    something new AGAIN!
    The guy on the market stall was extremely
    knowledgable, really helpful, and also really kind
    and understanding. I tested some of the products
    and then walked away with a business card so I
    could do some research myself.
    Of course I was back the next weekend to buy! I
    chose the ‘virgin avocado oil’ that I had tested
    the week before.
    I have now been using ‘virgin avocado oil’ for a
    month. It is so light and is absorbed almost
    instantly. I use a tiny amount on my face every
    morning, it isn’t sticky or shiny, and is easily
    absorbed. Is also works really well if I choose to
    apply make up! In fact I think it gives a great
    base for make up.
    After a month of use I can safely say it hasn’t
    triggered my rosacea, and I would really recommend
    anyone with temperamental skin to give the avocado
    oil a try! I’m very very happy!

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