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“We are grateful for your custom and strongly believe that our products can make a positive visible difference to your skin. When making a purchase please make sure to check your order thoroughly before finalizing your purchase to avoid delays.”
  • You can be assured that our products have been quality tested and no chemicals have been added to preserve or alter its natural state.
  • All of our product ingredients are of a very high standard though some may vary in shade, this does not take away from its qualities.
  • All of the products we provide that bare the Bandale Logo comply with EU Regulation.
  • We must reiterate that we do not condone testing on animals or use ingredients or adopt practices that have any relation or history of exploiting animals.
  • This site can be used as an information and guide site for those wishing to know more about natural products and its many benefits and to purchase.
  • If an enquiry is made, in no way will any information be held or passed on to third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Our Pure Unrefined Shea butter, essential oils and carrier oils are of pure quality and not contaminated, giving you added piece of mind.  It is then handmade and packaged in the UK.
  • We have 2 options regarding payment.  Stripe & Paypal 

Making a Purchase

Making a purchase is easy.  Just select the product you wish to buy then select checkout.  You will be directed to the payment screen via Paypal or you can choose to pay with Stripe.  Once there you can either pay using your Paypal account (where you need to login) or enter your card details using Paypal’s secure service.  A payment invoice will be sent to your email address from Paypal confirming purchase.  You do not need to sign up to Paypal to make a purchase. If any errors are made after purchase of which you need changing, please email/telephone us within 1 hour of the order being made to make the necessary changes as we aim to dispatch orders as soon as possible.


Coupons can be used during the checkout stage of a purchase.  Only one coupon can be used per transaction.  Coupons can only be used on our branded products.  Coupons cannot be redeemed against sale items.