Soothe & Rebuild Conditioning Hair Oil (Organic)



Nourish your hair with our Soothe & Rebuild Conditioning Hair Oil (Organic). This unique formula, enriched with coconut oil, Argan oil, and lemongrass, provides conditioning, detangling, and moisturising benefits. Elevate your hair care routine with this organic blend for healthier, more manageable locks.



“Soothe & Rebuild Conditioning Hair Oil is organic and luxurious. Where lemongrass meets Tea Tree and Argan meets Coconut , this beautifully enriched hair oil will soften, smooth out, detangle and moisturise with ease. With Nilotica Butter making a small appearance, this oil is sure to meet your hair care needs.

This truly amazing 100% Organic hair oil will leave your hair feeling great.”

How do I use my Soothe & Rebuild Conditioning Hair Oil?
  • For Curly hair spray me in, massage and comb through
  • For Straight Hair, use as pre-wash conditioner (spray in and comb through, leave on for minimum 30 minutes before washing hair)
  • You can also use me as an overnight conditioner or warm oil treatment
  • I am great for detangling difficult to manage hair.
What size can I buy this oil in?

You can buy me here online in 100ml screw cap bottles.

You can also buy an additional spray top for ease of use if required.


*Virgin Argan Oil (Cosmetics grade, not roasted), *Pure Virgin Coconut Oil, *Shea Butter (shea east), *Essential Oils.

(* Organic Ingredient)

100% vegan friendly


Why not use our African Black Soap to cleanse your hair and complete our hair care routine.


Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 16 cm

Spray, Cap


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