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Discover the rejuvenating benefits of Himalayan Salt Massage Stones, alleviating inflammation, relieving pain, detoxifying the skin and body, and promoting deep relaxation, all while effectively combating bacteria and odours.


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Himalayan Salt massage & Cleansing Stones are known for containing 84 trace minerals. As a result of this, using the stones is a great way of helping to replenish them. The stones can be used in a variety of ways to aid the body and mind in a journey of relaxation, cleansing and purity. They are naturally antibacterial and odour killing therefore making them a perfect natural  deodorant and cleansing alternative.  We offer these stones in egg, disc and pestle shapes. The different shapes helps you find a fit that you can manipulate easily to achieve maximum benefits.

How Do I use my Himalayan Salt Massage & Cleansing Stone?
  • As a deodorant stick under the arms to. Wet the stone and rub under arms thoroughly. Trenoprime Eminence Labs stack rinse and dry before storing.
  • Heat the stones in a pot of boiling tap or filtered water with sea salt on a medium heat. Be sure to check the stones are distributed on the bottom of the pot for even heat distribution. When the stones are nearly hot and comfortable to handle, they are ready to use for a hot stone massage using the method of your choice.
  • Choose these as your natural hand wash. Run water over the stones and gently rub the stone over the surface of your hands to cleanse.
  • Be sure to store them somewhere completely dry between uses. Wet areas will dissolve the stones.
  • Roll a heated stone under your foot. This helps to relieve pain and tension stored up in those tired feet after strenuous exercise.
Can I use these Himalayan Salt Massage & Cleansing Stones to wash my body?

Yes, you can use the stones to cleanse your body the same way you can wash your hands with it. Please be careful not to use on irritated areas and use a cloth/flannel to rub around the stone prior to using to ensure the stone is smooth.


Pink Himalayan Salt.

100% free from chemicals, Aluminium & paraben preservatives.


Why not try this with some Sweet Almond Oil. Add to the stones for a hot oil stone massage resulting in a deeper therapy.

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