Shea Butter….

This is our first love and the product that kickstarted Bandale.
We came across it when our 3rd son came along and developed eczema. At the time (about 3 months if i remember correctly) it came up in the form of really rosy, sometimes weepy cheeks that just wouldn’t budge!
At the time we had no clue what do as it was our 1st time dealing with it so we headed to the GP.
We were given various creams to try, saw dermatologists and my last straw was when i was asked what exactly i was expecting him to do when i went back to him because nothing worked! While there was a slight improvement initially wth the creams, It came back harder and more widespread 🙁
So.. the research began for a more natural approach.
We learned that
Eczema is something that needs to be treated from within.
Eczema has triggers.
Eczema is related to other allegies
Eczema needs to be treated topically with a natural emollient that can easily be absorbed by the skin.

So we striped back his diet on a quest to figure out is triggers. Dairy as the 1st to flag and Wheat gluten a close 2nd. These both caused our son alot of inflammation on his chest which in turn caused coughing fits especially at night. Eliminating these 2 things helped him heaps!
We kept him well hydrated, stress low and visited our homeopath regularly.
Pure Unrefined Shea Butter was our go to emollient which we used roughly every 4 hours or whenever his skin started to look a bit dry.

After the inflammation had cleared his skin needed less attention but the Shea keeps his skin smooth and beautifully moisturised even to this day (he is now 10)
We wanted to spread the love so Michael went out to Africa to source it so we could try and make it readily available to those that needed it. This as our only roduct for a while along with our two blends…. Essentials Blend and Coconut Gold (another favourite for our son)
I will see if i can get pictures of our original line.

I later went on to use the Shea Butter to keep nappy rash at bay and used (and still use lol) it on our babies that followed.

This will always be Love for us

How do you yours? Xx