Our company concern with Palm Oil is the commonly used phrase ‘Sustainably sourced’ which when asked, a lot of companies will use in an attempt to assure us of how their Palm Oil is acquired. Our belief is that anything can be ‘Sustained’ once it has been set up.

We have since been in contact with One Village who have stated that they work very closely with the small village not too far from Tamilnadu, India where their soaps are produced. We have received a statement from One Village confirming that the Palm Oil used in their Neem soap is not acquired through sources such as the Rainforest cleared plantations that are formed to facilitate Palm Oil production. We are happy with this statement, and as such, have decided to resume the sale of the Neem Oil soap.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us on here through our blog or via our contact details which can be found on our website.