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“All of our amazing Pure Oils in handy 10ml miniatures for you to try for the 1st time or use as gifts”


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Sample oils are a great way to decide which oil you need to use for your next project, or you simply want to try something new. This miniature oils pack is a great way for you to test them out and see what fits you best. Are you making up a gift basket? These make a great addition to a gift baskets, favours and party bags for various occasions and needs.

Where can I find information on each individual product?

These miniatures contain the same high quality oils as the regular size ones . For detailed information on each individual product, please see the description of the full size product. Thank you!

What size do the samples come in?

These miniature oils come in 15ml bottles and each pack contains one of each oil.

How do I store them?

Keep them in a cool area away from direct sunlight and strong smells.


If you have tried our sample oils, why not give our Miniature Butters a go. These are a great companion as you can use the two to experiment and try creating your own blends or to use seperately alongside each other. Similarly you can try our Miniature Balms.

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Scalp therapy oil mini, Sooth & Rebuild mini, Warm Sunrise Oil mini, Lavender Bloom mini, Avocado Oil mini, Argan Oil mini, Apricot Kernel oil mini, Castor Oil mini, Joboba Oil mini, Moringa Seed oil mini, Neem oil mini, Sweet Almond oil mini


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