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Raw Cocoa Butter (Organic & Foodgrade)


“Pure unadulterated Cocoa Butter with it’s own naturally wonderful ‘chocolate’ aroma. Whether it be for cooking or use in skincare, its a Perfect ingredient to add substance to your product.”





Where does my Cocoa Butter come from?

This butter is a product of Dominican Republic, packaged in the UK

How can I use My Cocoa Butter?

  • Rub me into your skin to relieve dryness and ease stretch marks
  • Warm me up in your hands and then use as a head to toe moisturiser
  • Add me as an ingredient to one of your chosen recipes

What size can I buy my Butter in?

You can buy me here online in 150g


Organic Cocoa Butter Unrefined.

Do not leave in fridge as it will make it very hard to use.  Simply leave in room temperature and when needed, put a piece in your hand, let it melt by rubbing it together then apply where needed.

Product of Dominican Republic packaged by Bandalé

100% Vegan Friendly

SUGGESTION.  Why not melt this amazing butter and add to Shea West for use on very dry hands and feet.

Additional information

Weight .210 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 23 cm

150g, 1kg


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