Raw Cocoa Butter (Organic & Foodgrade)


“Pure unadulterated Cocoa Butter with it’s own naturally wonderful ‘chocolate’ aroma. Whether it be for cooking or use in skincare, its a Perfect ingredient to add substance to your product.”



Where does my Cocoa Butter come from?

This butter is a product of Ivory Coast, packaged in the UK

How can I use My Cocoa Butter?

  • Rub me into your skin to relieve dryness and ease stretch marks
  • Warm me up in your hands and then use as a head to toe moisturiser
  • Add me as an ingredient to one of your chosen recipes

What size can I buy my Butter in?

You can buy me here online in 150g or 1 ltr


Organic Cocoa Butter Unrefined.

Do not leave in fridge as it will make it very hard to use.  Simply leave in room temperature and when needed, put a piece in your hand, let it melt by rubbing it together then apply where needed.

Product of Ivory Coast packaged by Bandalé

100% Vegan Friendly

SUGGESTION.  Why not melt this amazing butter and add to Shea West for use on very dry hands and feet.

Additional information

Weight .210 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 23 cm

200g, 1kg


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