Castor Oil (Clear & Organic )



The benefits of our Organic Castor Oil is renowned for its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties, acne reduction, skin healing, and excellent hair and scalp maintenance abilities.


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Castor Oil is an age old remedy oil that has been used for various things from skin health to Medicinal and through again to meditation. It boasts of a thick consistency so when using it on the skin it might be helpful to mix it with some Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil. It boasts of qualities that can help soothe deep rooted aches and pains as well act as an amazing carrier oil. 

Where is this Oil from?

Bandalé Castor Oil is a product of India, packaged in the UK

What can I use my Oil for?
  • Use me to help heal and reduce dry, irritated and acne prone skin
  • Rub me daily into toe and finger nails to help fight fungal infections
  • I am great for helping to prevent stretch marks
  • I am a great choice for nourishing dry hair
  • Use me for my anti inflammatory properties
  • Use me on a heat pad


What size can I buy it in?

You can buy me here online in 100ml glass bottles


*Ricinus Communis (castor oil)

(*Organic ingredient)

100% vegan friendly


Why not try blending this amazing oil with Bandalé Sweet Almond Oil or Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


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