Argan Oil (Virgin, Cold Pressed & Organic)



Transform your skincare and hair care with our Organic Virgin Argan Oil, a luxurious, nutrient-rich treat that deeply nourishes both skin and hair, enhancing your natural radiance.


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“Virgin Organic Argan Oil ‘Moroccan Gold’ is known to be great for all round skin and hair care. It’s naturally enriched with Vitamin E, Fatty Acids, Squalene and Anti Oxidants. It holds it’s own in the world of oils and as a result, is continually called upon for it’s properties. This pure oil has a distinctive scent which is a key indicator as to the authenticity and quality of this great versatile oil. Therefore you can be assured great results with this authentic oil.”

Where is this oil from?

Bandalé Argan Oil is a product of Morocco, packaged in the UK

What can I use this Oil for?
  • Use me to condition your hair
  • Rub me into your scalp to hydrate and moisturise
  • Use me as an evening Facial oil for Dry/combination and oily skin
  • I absorb into the skin very quickly which leaves me non greasy. Therefore this oil is a great Hand moisturiser.
  • For Straight Hair, use like a conditioner (spray in and comb through, leave on for minimum 20 min before washing hair).
  • Also can be used as an overnight conditioner.
What size can I buy it in?

You can buy me here online in 100ml Glass bottle


*Argania Spinosa L (Pure Virgin cold pressed Argan Oil).

(* Organic ingredient)


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