Since having our baby, I have extended my outlook on natural products and have had surprisingly pleasant results so far. I was very unfortunate to be the victim of ‘the rash’ using disposable sanitary pads and having 9 months flow free during my pregnancy, I got looking into alternatives. A friend of mine mentioned that she used them, and (as I’ m sure many women are at the first mention of a reusable pads).. I was curious, but sceptical!! I mean, how would I clean them? What do I do if I need to change it while I’m out? Will they stain? …..

I hunted around and found a lovely lady that runs Crimson Moon Cloth Pads and she answered all of my questions giving me plenty of time and care when answering.  Feeling content with my answers, I went ahead and ordered some post partum pads for when I had the baby. I have to say I am so pleased with them! I didn’t get any horrible rash, they are super absorbent and super easy to care for. When my Aunt Flow came to visit me on a more regular capacity, I continued to use them and being someone who suffers from quite painful and heavy flows, I was pleasantly surprised to be pain free ( I will monitor this) and yes, yet again, no rash!

I have since ordered a complete set which I should be receiving very soon ( receiving mail has just got interesting lol). So enough about my flow.. Let’s take a quick look at the spoken benefits of CSP which I can say at moment are true for me personally…

  1. CSP is much healthier for you as they don’t contain the horrible dyes ad fragrances that a lot of disposables contain and which is most likely the cause of ‘the rash’
  2. Reusable pads have been known to reduce cramps, infection and menstrual flow due to the natural materials that are used to make them up which allow healthy air flow.
  3. can save you money!!
  4. They are a lot easier to keep than I thought and last a lot longer (one set has lasted years for some people)
  5. They help the environment
  6. They make menstruation fun..

Here are some useful links to check out for more information on what’s in the disposable pad, but feel free to do your own research on the topic.



In light of my newest discovery on my path back to nature, I want to share with you some one off CSP (100% Cotton) prints that can be used either as a beginners set or a stash builder.  All made by Crimson Moon Cloth Pads and will be available on our website to buy soon!

Are you a CSP user? How has making the switch helped you?