Benefits of Magnesium Oil…. I know, I know, we keep mentioning the age old Oil but the hype is real, it’s just that good!

What benefits of Magnesium Oil do we see in our home.

Magnesium Oil has a safe place in our remedy cupboard. We use it often to help with cramps and aches from sports, joint pain, muscle cramps in pregnancy (not contractions unfortunately!) and during a pre sleep massage (this is a go to for me if my children are not sleeping well). 

How do I use the spray?

The best way to apply is to spray it on your limbs, directly to the areas where the cramping is happening and soles of your feet for optimal absorption and then massage into the skin. Avoid contact with eyes and using on the face in general.

Are there any other Magnesium products I can Benefit from using? 

Absolutely! Magnesium Flakes and Epsom Salts can be used in a bath for relaxation as well as to aid in relieving Muscles, joints and general aches and pains. A magnesium bath before bed can also really help to soften, soothe skin and relive soreness from skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.’

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In conclusion…

Magnesium Oil is something that we will always have in our cupboard ready to use. It’s tried, tested and true!

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