This is a concern a lot of our customers come to us with. We get it through our teen years, pregnancy, anything that involves a hormonal imbalance.
I had acne as a child from about the age of 9/10 right the way through to my teens. It was difficult dealing with it and even more so with the comments that were thrown around because of it.
Anyhow… after some time I decided to try and do something about it, I put myself on a detox, and started a journey of clean eating. This helped me tremendously. I worked my way into a routine of using a face wash, cleanser toner etc and while this helped temporarily, I found that if I missed a day or two I would end up breaking out again, not as bad as before but a break out non the less and I also had dry skin especially around my forehead and nose.
Moving forward to adulthood and research, I stopped using soaps on my face and started a routine of oil cleansing with pure oils/cleansing balm and a good flannel steam. I soon noticed my skin became not only smoother with less break outs but also not dry.
I am pleased to say this routine is a good one for me and shall be sticking with it 🙂
What facial routines do you all have?